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The above ground tank range, built with steel and plastic, is a cost effective, environmentally friendly and safe way to store and manage your farm effluent.

Kliptank offers a range of volumes for different farm sizes. Our tanks can be installed on pretty much any flat surface convenient to your yards.  High rainfall areas, not a problem, the Kliptank cover will divert the rain, reducing your required storage volume and a lot of pumping.

Our New Zealand designed and manufactured Kliptanks feature the latest technology for mixing and aeration, to keep solids in suspension, minimising anaerobic action and reducing or eliminating crusting. The material and technology used, reduces the odour and undesirable bacterial action even without a cover, which makes them an excellent solution for properties that are up wind of areas sensitive to undesirable smells.

We offer steel tanks delivery and installation, anywhere in New Zealand. 

To find out what solution would be the best for your agricultural land, please contact us. One of our expert team will get back to you shortly to discuss the options and solutions. 

Looking for a  comprehensive solution for your rural property or farm? We would love to hear from you.

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